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What is emotional intelligence?

If the driving force of intelligence in the twentieth-century business has been IQ, then-in accordance to growing evidence - in the twenty-first century it will be EQ, and related and practical forms of practical and creative intelligence. This "new" intelligence is the heart-level engine that drives human capital and produces the exceptional, creative work required for any company to lead the field amidst the turbulence and confusion of global market changes. In this note, we attempt to understand Emotional Intelligence.

"Emotional Intelligence" refers to the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationship. It describes abilities distinct from, but complementary to academic intelligence, the purely cognitive capacities measured by IQ. Many people who are book-smart but lack EQ end up working for people who have lower IQs than them but who excel in EQ skills.   read more
Leadership styles that get results

Who is an effective leader? How do effective leaders manage their various skills such as - setting a competitive strategy, motivating their employees towards their vision and mission, which translates financial, organizational and social objectives. There are abundant books and articles on leadership styles and also 'Leadership Experts' who have made careers out of testing and coaching of leaders. At the end of it all, one may not be wiser still.

The author Daniel Goleman - who is well known for his two books 'Emotional Intelligence' and 'Working with Emotional Intelligence' - in an article titled "Leadership That Get Results" attributes this reason for lack of quantitative research that demonstrates which precise leadership behavior yield which type of organizational results.

He points out the research of consulting firm Hay/McBer on random sample of 3871 executives selected from a database of more than 20,000 executives worldwide which has demystified the effective leadership. The research found six distinct leadership styles, each springing different components of emotional intelligence. The implications of this study, is their clear-set guideline for action.   read more
How to motivate others

Motivation generates success. Therefore we pay attention to motivation. If you are in a leadership role as a manager, chances are you are preoccupied with how to motivate others. We talk about motivation. We read about motivation. Most of us remember salient points about motivational theories. But are we motivated to do anything about it ? What can we do? Can we motivate others ? THE ANSWER SEEMS TO BE THAT WE CANNOT MOTIVATE OTHERS, BUT WE CAN CREATE CONDITIONS FOR PEOPLE TO MOTIVATE THEMSELVES.

This practical guide explains six easy-to-use principles for motivating others and contains three tables with specific advice for LEADERS, TRAINERS, and EVERYONE ELSE.  read more
Hiring Top Sales Performers

Building a team of successful "hunters" and "farmers" requires knowing the differences between the two roles and matching the candidates effectively.

The assumption that "sales is sales" and that previous experience, a clean resume and a great appearance are the primary predictors of success often leads to recruiting mistakes that can cause high turnover and ineffective sales teams.

"What we know is that the traditional process results in failure three out of four times, and nobody likes it," says Alan Fendrich, president of Advanced Hiring Systems, a sales selection consulting firm based in Norfolk, Virginia. "There are lots of people who look and act like salespeople, but they don't sell because money doesn't motivate them."    read more
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