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Lubricants, oils
"LG Electronics Ukraine"
Home appliances (Korea)
"Hammer GmbH"
Automobile oils, paint, auto cosmetics
ТМ "Chumak"
Manufacture and distribution of ketchups and sauces
ТМ "Slavutich"
Manufacture and distribution of beer
Baltimor Holding Ltd.
Manufacture and distribution of ketchups and sauces (Russia)
"Concorde Capital"
Investment bank
ТМ "Bonduelle"
Manufacture of vegetable preservation
"Staryj Druzhe"
Distribution of alcoholic products
"Energetic Alliance"
"B&H", network of the cinema theatres "Kinopalats"
Hire of films, advertising activity
"Zepter International"
Manufacture and sale of the consumer goods
"VD One"
Manufacture and sale of menswear
Sale of computer technics and office equipment
The insurance company
"Forex Club"
Currency trading (Russia)
"Rannila Kiev"
Manufacture of the roofing materials
"Yellow pages"
Heating technics (Italy)
"UkrVtorResursy Center"
The factory on processing secondary resources
"Akzo Nobel"
Automobile enamels and veterinary preparations (Holland)
Sportswear, sports equipment
"Hans Turck GmbH & Co."
Sale of the highly technological equipment (Germany)
"Enso qroup"
Manufacture and sale of building materials
More than 12 different spheres of business
"Prospects Ukraine"
The integrated marketing, consulting
"Lypova Dolyna"
Import and wholesale of the seafood
The joint-stock bank
Sale of the trading equipment (Russia)
Concern "Video service"
Sale of the rights on video production of Hollywood studios (Russia)
Anex Audio Ltd.
Automobile audio- and video technics of a premium-class (Russia)
Intercolor trade Ltd.
Sale of materials for repair of the cars' body (Russia)
"UE International"
Distribution of electronic components of the world manufacturers (Finland)
Manufacture of electro accessories (Russia)
Pharmaceutical preparations (Denmark)
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