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The ethical code
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The ethical code of recruiting agency "Personal-service"

Real professionalism in recruiting is reached by not only solving requests on quality search and selection of personnel, but also by paying attention to such delicate aspects, like the ethics of constructing business relationships.

"Personal-service" adheres to the firm ethical principles formulated in the agency's PROFESSIONAL-ETHICAL CODE. Their strict observance at work with customers and job seekers is one of the distinctive features of our activity.


We voluntarily assume liability to adhere in the work of the following ethical standards:
  1. To respect and protect interests of the customer, carrying out the requests they make competently, carefully and in due time.

  2. To provide customers, job seekers and employed candidates with support at all stages of the cooperation.

  3. Constantly improve our knowledge and professional skills, including through the exchange of experience with colleagues.

  4. Not to move purposefully from one customer to another (head-hunting) once employed job seekers, and also other employees of the companies - customers, whose names have been found by the customer during previous orders.

  5. Not to work with job seekers and customers, whose activity does not keep within the framework of ethical standards.

  6. To provide confidentiality of information received from customers and job seekers and not allow disclosure of any information which can be harmful to the customer or the job seeker.

  7. To keep anonymity of the customer and the job seeker until we receive permission allowing the disclosure of the corresponding information.

  8. Not to allow discrimination during the selection of job seekers including sexual, racial, national, religious, age or political attributes and to be guided by exclusively professional and psychological requirements of the customer.

  9. To adhere to principles of independence and objectivity while estimating the job seeker.

  10. Not to take actions that can cause problems for the job seekers at their present work.

  11. Not to request compensation in any form and under any circumstances for the job seeker's employment.

  12. Not to undertake actions that as result could damage the professional reputation of a colleague.
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